Hello, I'm Kona, a freelance artist doing her best.Please, before requesting a commission, read my terms of service.COMMISSIONS: CLOSED

Hello, I'm Kona, a freelance artist doing her best.Please, before requesting a commission, read my terms of service.COMMISSIONS: OPEN


My commissions will be opening again at July 13.
If you are already sure of your order, contact me on discord Konata#0002 or twitter @KonataMoeMaid.
Please make sure to read my T.O.S first.


Kona | she/herHello, I'm Moe Konata.
I work full time as a freelance artist and have been doing my best to improve.
I like cute and creepy art.

When I'm not working in commissions I spend my time playing FFXIV. I'm a maid café owner in Eorzea and always do my best to make people smile.

My tools
• Wacom Intuos Pro & Clip Studio Paint •

Please don't lewd my OC, I'm the only one who can do that.

Terms Of Service

By commissioning me in any kind of way, you are agreeing to the terms of service below.


• I can make SFW and NSFW art.
• Please include clear visual references.
• If you want a specific resolution for your commission, let me know.
• All commissions must be paid in full upfront.
• I might decline a Commission request if I am not comfortable to draw your character.
• I am not responsible if the client fails to read the terms of service provided.


• Payment only through PayPal (USD).
• Complex designs and animation can increase the payment.
• The prices are per character.
• I will only start your commission after receiving the payment.
• No refunds after payment has been received.
COMMERCIAL USE: If you want to sell merch using my art, the fee will be 3x the original price.


• I will start the commission after payment has been received.
• The deadline for delivery of the commission is one to two weeks.
• You get the option to pay +50% of the price for a Rush Order.
• Depending on the complexity of your request, it can take 12 to 72 hours for your Rush Order to be done.


• I will do my best for you.
• I can make minor changes on the commission if you request for it.
• Any great changes will come with an extra charge.
• Make sure to be clear in your order as I may charge for changes in the commission.


I retain all copyright to my art.
The commissioner may repost and use the commissioned piece,
but you must not make any edits to the artwork and credit MUST be given.

The commissioner is allowed to
• Repost the commissioned work with credit to me, the artist.
• Use the work with respect to our agreement (personal or commercial).
• Print, use on merch, sell artwork with proper credit to the artist (commercial use only).
If you commit copyright infringement, all rights to the artwork will be rescinded.

The following is considered copyright infringement
• Reproducing and using the works commercially without permission of the artist.
• Removing watermarks and signatures.
• Altering the artwork without the artist's consent.
• Refusal to credit the artist.
• Taking credit for the creation of the artwork.

Please, make sure to read my T.O.S first.Contact me on discord Konata#0002 or twitter @KonataMoeMaid Important: The prices are per character
Extra cost for pets, weapons, detailed designs, animation and background.



• 25 USD •


• 35 USD •


• 55 USD •

Full Body

• 75 USD •



• 55 USD •


• 65 USD •


Please don't feel stuck on the examples below. If you have any specific pose/expression/action request, just let me know when you be requesting your commission.

You will receive the emote/sticker on the right dimensions and 500x500px.

Emotes | Stickers

• Each: 20$ USD •
• Full Body: 30$ USD •
• 3 pieces pack: 50$ USD •
• 5 pieces pack: 70$ USD •
Animated and Full Body emotes/stickers are not included on the packs

Old Examples

These emotes are exclusive from ♡ Maid Service Cafe ♡ discord server.

Character Sheet

The price of your Character Sheet changes according to your order.
Check Illustration and Chibi first.
• Extra •
+60 USD for custom outfit.
+160 USD for custom character design.
• Character Sheet like the example down below is 165 USD •

You will also receive all the separate illustrations with their regular dimensions.

NSFW Commission

• Headshot: 25 USD •
• Bust-up: 35 USD •
• Thigh-up: 55 USD •
• Full Body: 75 USD •


Kona | She/Her | Pan | SwitchThe void bunny can have the genitals of your choice and have the power to summon mutiples tentacles.

I can draw my character with yours but I don't ERP/RP.Extreme kink's come with extra cost.

Please, don't lewd my character, I'm the only one allowed to do that.

Support Kona's Work

I'm doing my best to improve and receiving your support will make me very happy.
Thank you so much for all the love!


Emotes | Stickers